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If your tour is visiting the area for an extended time, we can set-up numerous treatments throughout the week to support individual performers and the cast/crew or set-up backstage before the show to support the entire cast.

Whether backstage at your performance, at the recording studio, in the corner of your dressing room or on your bus or trailer, We an effective way to target overused muscles, decrease tension, increase energy and promote restful sleep.
Lead Singer



Whether playing instruments, dancing or repeating the same actions on stage or during competition, repetitive motions day after day cause muscle tension and soreness.

In addition to the performers, the hardworking crews are lifting heavy equipment and work extremely long hours. It requires being on the road for months at a time. We can provide much needed pain relief as well as help prevent injury.

Massage lowers stress and increases energy levels.  It is sure to bring a whole new energy to the event. 



Prevention and treatment of injuries associated with the rigorous routine of classical musicians.

Due to the competitive and rigorous nature of the industry, musicians often leave their pain associated with overuse untreated.

Decrease the risk of overuse injuries with therapeutic massage that comes to you.

If we owned a violin worth $$$$ we would pack it up correctly in a safe place, keep it polished and dry, check the positions of the strings and bridge, and the condition of the wood. We would have it regularly maintained by a professional to investigate areas of wear and tear and possible need for repair.

Why, as singers and employers of singers, players would we not take the same care of our and their 'instrument'?”
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