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Film Location Massage

Whether you have a one day Photo Shoot, three days of Music Video production, a two week Commercial Film shoot, or a year-plus Feature Film;​Your clients, talent and crew will appreciate and benefit from professional Massage sessions provided by the accredited Massage Therapists at Voice Kneads Therapy. 
We will travel to your studio, on site location and your post production suite to alleviate stress and injury and promote overall health and good vibes.


Massage on set:

  • reduces mental stress and tension
  • Prevents injuries
  • Rejuvenates and re-energizes

We can deliver serenity to any set, whether it’s in a cold airplane hangar, on a windy mountain, outside an abandoned shipyard, or in the middle of the night with special-effects explosives detonating in the background.

Massage lowers stress and increases energy levels.  It is sure to bring a whole new energy to the set. 

Head Massage

Massage on set helps everyone relax and recharge. From  A-list to hairdressers, costume designers, medics, makeup, sound, lighting, prop and set workers all work long hours and deserve a massage. It’s amazing how  attitudes changes just knowing they can get a massage.  Producers and directors are usually knotted up due to high stress &  going 24/7.

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