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Pre- and post-show massages for keyed-up musicians.   
We provide therapeutic Table or Chair Massage sessions that will help keep the creative juices flowing, increase work production and show appreciation to staff and clients who may just need a few minutes to de-stress and unwind.


Raise the spirits of both clients and staff with the feel-good gift of massage. I've worked with hundreds of bands over the years and love doing festivals whenever possible. 


Raise your company status with this extra perk it may just be the difference between clients choosing your company's venue over your competition for their next show.

In addition to the performers, the hardworking crews are lifting heavy equipment and work extremely long hours. It requires being on the road for months at a time. We can provide much needed pain relief as well as help prevent injury.

Massage lowers stress and increases energy levels.  It is sure to bring a whole new energy to the event. 

Live Concert

How It Works

  • Book a 2-hour minimum appt. 
  • We arrive 30min prior to scheduled appt to setup
  • We don’t tell who I work on in a public forum without prior consent 
  • Have Questions ? Fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling.


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